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Samsung redefines eco-friendly washing with the launch of Eco Bubble washing machine on Oct 26, 2010 Eco Bubble washing machine provides energy efficiency, exceptional cleaning quality and fabric careSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced the launch of its new flagship front-loading washing machine, the Eco Bubble. Strategically inaugurated during Europe's biggest consumer electronics fair, IFA 2010, the innovative Eco Bubble washer is part of the portfolio of brand new products and services being exhibited at the show. This stylish washing machine offers a unique blend of advanced design and technology, achieving top class energy consumption (30 percent less than the limit for an "A Energy" rated washer) however this is just the start of the energy savings. Save Energy and Wash Smart The Eco Bubble washing machine has a series of specific 'Eco Bubble programmes' aimed at achieving the same powerful washing performance associated with hot water washing at just 15°C, saving on heating and offering gentle fabric care for delicates. The bubble generator dissolves detergent into the water and then injects air, producing a rich soapy foam cushion that begins to appear in the drum seconds after the normal cycle starts. The detergent is so thoroughly dissolved into the water, it doesn't need as much hot water to aid the cleaning and penetrates deeper into clothes up to four times faster than conventional washers. This ability to get 40°C wash results at 15°C temperatures delivers an unbeatable 70 percent energy saving whilst providing a more gentle wash environment for heat sensitive garments. These seven and eight kg large capacity washers offer advanced features such as the latest motor developments designed for an impressive lack of vibration and noise, a build quality proven to give a long life of faithful service and washing technologies delivering great wash results. The Eco Bubble washer combines style with ease of use, offering a stainless steel metal finish on the door and program selection dial, intuitive and easy to operate wash option buttons on the control panel, a vibrant LED display for useful feedback and a robust and solid door with a wider port hole for easy loading and unloading. The Eco Bubble washer is an attractive and fashionable addition to any home. "Today's modern families want an easy-to-use washing machine that can take on larger wash loads and reduce their carbon footprint," said Andrew Jones, Senior Product Manager for Samsung Home Appliances. "The technology inside the Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine addresses this and incorporates our innovative design to make a truly stunning addition to the most stylish home." Advanced Features Eco Bubble washing also thoroughly cleans delicate fabrics such as silk or wool with less damage than traditional washers, since the fine bubbles act as a cushion. The Eco Bubble washing machine also comes with Samsung's unique Diamond Drum design, with water holes that are 36 percent smaller than conventional drums to prevent fabrics from getting snagged. These water holes also create a water pocket in each diamond indentation that reduces friction damage, adding to the life of clothes. With the Diamond Drum and Eco Bubble generator, users can be assured of minimal damage to their fabrics. The Eco Bubble washer is built with a Quiet Drive motor that does not use belts or gears, therefore reducing vibration and noise, making the washer more durable and quiet (backed up with a 10 year motor warranty for extra peace of mind). With the Eco Drum Clean feature, the washing machine automatically alerts users to clean the drum. Without using chemical detergents, the washing machine employs high-speed spinning with water heated up to 70?C to keep the drum clean, ideal for those who want to regularly wash in cold water but don't want a drop in drum hygiene over time. The washer also has a unique anti-lime scale ceramic heater that is less susceptible to hard water scale build-up, tripling the device's lifespan. Product Specification - 7 or 8KG load / 1400RPM - World class energy level A-30% (uses 30 percent less energy than the limit for energy label class A) - Super Eco Program with Bubble Wash - Diamond Drum - Selectable 15 minute quick timed wash - Ceramic heater - Quiet Drive Motor - comes with 10 year protection warranty on the motor - Certified wool mark - Eco Drum Clean self-cleaning - Dimension (W / D / H) 600 x 600 x 845Video SEO . - VideoSeoServices.comSamsung New 'eco bubble' Washing Machine Review Video ловля фидером весна лето и в прочие времена года

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realmast # 18 мая 2012 в 12:57 0
I know from some reasarch it did on the net that samsung seem to have got reliable washers overall but is this bubble washing thing worth the extra money ?
froger76 # 3 сентября 2012 в 08:56 0
this video caused me to have a stroke....no stars
zompac # 7 октября 2012 в 08:50 0
i bet samsung washers break easy, I miss the ol' days when the washers lasted 30 years before they begun to have problems!
iamthepr # 26 марта 2013 в 19:29 0
LOL not enough FPS!
mrbeerz1 # 29 марта 2013 в 16:11 0
samsung washers are the best