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This SPORTFISHING GROUNDBAIT SURFING FEEDER ('sportVIS-SKI' in Dutch) is a unique new invention in many aspects:* Firstly, when you start turning in, shortly the ski will rise above the water-surface.After that you can bring in the ski, gliding calmly and steadily, along water-plants, alga, wood and other obstacles in the water. * Secondly, the fish gets hooked caused by the water-movement during the motion of the ski.The principe of hooking is based on water-resistance, so it's not on gravitation on fixed-weight plumb or iron.The biting fish hooks itself, frightened caused by the hook-point and the following huge movement of the feeder.The ski only weights 20 gram, nevertheless the hooking-power is comparable with those of a fixed 80 gram plumb-weight.So you can catch carp passive and give an enormous amount of bait by each cast.It's not only a 'breamcatcher' as light self-hooking methodfeeders are. No feeder-rod is needed because the surfing feeder is merciless. As soon as the fish bites he will 'hang'.In principle any decent rod provided with a bait-alarm will suffice.You could even fish with a relative light rod (casting weight 50 gram) if you don't make great demands of the throwing distance or bait amount.* Thirdly, after the throw the ski doesn't sink imediately and gives you the time to drag and rectify the feeder towards the location in question. Then the feeder sinks slowly and steadily - always horizontally, the ground-bait above (as the video shows ) and finally lays down at the surface of any undefined (muddy or alga overgrown) bottom. It doesn't torpedo the bottom and doesn't frighten the schools of fish.The surfing feeder distinguishes itself from other feeders for it's quiet, steady and supple behaviour. FISHING SKI version 2 - changes* The newest surfing feeder version 2 is and much more streamlined, which it looks more refined.The dimensions are 105 - 45 millimeters (without bow).Even a few filled ski moves like a spear during the cast. In case of a few groundbait at the rear, the bait is drawing forward the feeder. The bow (pipe) in cooperation with het headline makes the stabilisation complete, thus the feeder is stable and a few sensitive to sidewind.* The groundbait ancor has been replaced bij a rib.* The grip-point of the rig has been shifted to the middle of the feeder. (so the hooking power has been increased)* The ski gets loose in case of a broken line.* The line slips through the ski when the ski gets stuck during the drill (and a pull on the rig)More details:* The ski fits passive (self-hooking, hook/ hair, inline fixed, any fishing rod/ bite alarm) as well as active (gliding, feeder rod) systems.In the case of a gliding montage the slide-ring ought to be attached to the bow (front) of the SKI.* The ski can transport 140 milliliters of ground-bait.* The ski doesn't contain toxic plumb/ zinc. * Relatively environment-friendly materials have been applied. (bent iron plate, plastic pipe and rib profile and a shade more)* Ideal fishing circumstances are a water-depth till 12 meters and some water current. Wind should not be a problem in most of the cases.(provided that de ski has been filled in the just way, starting at the roar)This demo-video shows both the new SKI version 2 but still demonstrates the (not yet developed) proto-type version 1.The GLIDING GROUNDBAIT SKI FEEDER is a real innovative invention of:Jan van Hezel, The Netherlands, ©2010 ловля фидером весна лето и в прочие времена года

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