Abu Garcia 706 Closed Face Reel - Tips and Benefits by James Robbins

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Abu Garcia 706 has been developed with a completely new body design, as well as improved standard and quality. This reel is sure to continue the trend as the best selling closed face reel in the UK, supplied with 3 spare shallow spools and a deluxe reel case- Capacity: 100 metres / 0.18mm- Gear Ratio: 3.9:1- Weight: 288 grams- Advanced Polymeric body and Aluminium front cone- Oscillating long cast spools- On / Off instant anti-reverse switch- 3 x shallow, 1 x deep spools- Ultra smooth syncro drag- Deluxe reel caseSo the biggest advantage of using a "Close Face Reel" such as this is float fishing on rivers, the fact that you've got a push button release instead of a bale arm is that you can actually operate the reel one handed. So when you'r catching lots of small fish on a stick float or waggler it's extremely easy to operate and also manage the line. Now the engage on the bale arm as well is extremely smooth, so just by turning the handle you engage the bale arm and it's connected to the fish. So for trotting floats on rivers the closed face reel is by far the easiest reel to master. It's also very important to note that when that you've got tough conditions like it's very windy like today the close face reel will help reduce the number of tangles you get, because of the fact that the spool is hidden inside the reel, it prevents line from wrapping around the reel and tangling. So it really is a hassle free reel, for float fishing on rivers. Just wanted to give you a couple of tips to think about when using a closed face reel, one of them which people often make the mistake of, is over filling the reel. Now I actually under fill my spools for my closed face reels in this case I've just got 80 metres of 0.16 line on, what this does do it pretty much eliminates any chance of the line getting tangled or bedding in, and causing problems during fishing, its quite common for people to fill it up like you would with an open face reel, and that's a recipe for disaster. So that's something i must emphasise is don't put too much line on the reel, the other thing that will help with which can be a bit of a disadvantage with closed face reel is it actually reduces the amount of line bedding in on the spool, so if you are catching a few better fish and your playing the fish, the line can bed in, so if you have only got 60 or 80 metres of line on it, you are less likely to have these problems, so that's a really important point to consider when you are thinking about closed face reels. ловля фидером весна лето и в прочие времена года

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