Ghost Lunker Snook (Sneak Preview)

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TWITTER Peek at a select clip from Ghost Lunkers. Full Episode Coming Summer 2013You have heard of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunting, well this is Ghost Fishing. Original Paranormal Fishing Investigations. All through the canals of Broward and Fort Lauderdale there are all kinds of stories involving haunting. Most of the stories would be old indian stories because Fort Lauderdale has a gruesome history of war between settlers and natives over prime fishing spots. None more famous than Tarpon bend, at the confluence of the Tarpon river and the New River. Sight of the Cooley Family Massacre. The Cooley family was attacked in their sleep by Indians and family memebers were massacred. We can only assume that this was over the prime fishing spot that is world famous for Tarpon but also produces huge snook. In fact the stupid water taxi and other tourist ferry boats make a spectacle by announcing over the PA system while at the very same time ruining the fishing spot with relentless boat comercial boat traffic. This series will focus on fishing these haunted spots. We will be fishing for Snook with select live bait such as mullet, live shrimp and blue crab. There is also a very good Snook spot in the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious. You will have to watch the movie to see. The only hint I will give you in the location is somewhere between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. OFFICIAL MULLET RUN CHANNELLUNKER CHANNELTO HANDLE AND RELEASE SNOOK ловля фидером весна лето и в прочие времена года

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